Sustainability is all about maintenance of the natural ecological balance by trying to rationalize the use of natural resources. The number of people that are becoming aware of the importance of this balance is growing and if you are one of them, then you should definitely consider buying sustainable, eco-friendly clothing. This is where Age of Apparel comes into play.
Who we are and what we do?
Age of Apparel is a women’s sustainable online clothing store that offers stylish clothing that is made in a way that is good for our nature. Every step made in the process of creation of sustainable clothing from the growth of raw materials to production of the finished product and even transporting these products to the market is eco-friendly and focused on protecting the health of living beings and ecosystems. Another thing that makes Age of Apparel great is the fact that we provide locally made products made in different parts of America.


Why sustainable clothing matters?
Nowadays, the fashion industry is an industry that generates incredible amounts of waste that usually consists of unwanted materials and cuts. The excess fabrics can easily be used as materials in other pieces of clothing. With the help of sustainable clothing, the amount of these unwanted materials is minimized. But, this is not the only way in which clothes found in stores like Age of Apparel can help Mother Nature. Namely, it is a well-known fact that the production process of any kind of modern clothing made by conventional clothing companies releases a huge amount of dangerous toxins in the environment. Bleaches, dyes, fasting agents and other chemicals can lead to serious problems and they can pollute everything around us from water sources to air and soil. (1) On the other hand, sustainable clothing like the one found on Age of Apparel is based on natural dyes and the excess liquids created during the process of production are degraded in a natural way without harming the environment.


When you are purchasing clothes from Age of Apparel you are doing good things not only for our planet but also for the people. We are offering products that were produced under specific safe working conditions. The pieces of clothing you see here were not made in sweatshops and the individuals who were working on them received a fair compensation. We are talking about Fair Trade concept that was unfortunately almost completely forgotten until a few years ago.
Sustainable clothing from Age of Apparel is good for the animals too. Every animal-based material found in our clothes was made with cruelty-free methods. You should not feel guilty for wearing a nice piece of clothing any longer. Sustainable clothing is not something completely new, but thanks to stores like Age of Apparel, this type of clothing has reached another, more advanced level. In the past, these clothes were usually considered dull, unattractive and out of fashion. We have proven that it is possible to wear eco-friendly and organic clothing and look stylish and trendy at the same time.
We would also like to say that our clothes last much longer compared to conventional commercial clothes. Not using bleachers and artificial dyes have turned out to be a great way to extend the life of any piece of clothing. According to many experts, it’s also much easier to take care of your clothing when they are sustainable. You can use eco-friendly detergents and you will be able to bring back their natural colors every time you wash them. You can’t expect them to fade if you are taking proper care of them. (2) This is probably something that every woman wants from her clothing – consistency.
At Age of Apparel, we are fully aware that the things people buy have a direct impact on the air, soil, and water. So, we have decided to enrich our shop with few other types of environmentally friendly products. Our main objective is to create a one-stop shop for those looking for different kinds of sustainable products. In addition to organic clothing, we also have sustainable jewelry, beauty products, shoes, accessories, and handbags.

What’s found in our offer?
From coats, dresses, and jackets to jeans, skirts and pants – Age of Apparel has you covered! You can enjoy our beautiful clothes without hurting the environment and keep your overall appearance trendy and modern. The handbags collection we have includes backpacks, saddle bags, clutches, cross body, shoulder, satchels and few other types of handbags. You can easily find matching accessories like wallets, socks, scarves, hats and belts too. Very often women want to complement their clothing with beautiful jewelry and this is where our bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces come into play. Finally, we would like to mention our sustainable shoes including pumps, slippers,  sandals, boots, sneakers, heels and flats. But, the things we wear won’t mean much if our body and
especially our skin looks well. That’s why we have decided to include a beauty product line which includes lotions, skin care products, perfumes, brushes and hair care products. Once again, we are talking about sustainable, eco products that are not hurting the environment and bring many positive effects to those that use them.
Age of Apparel was created out of the idea to let eco-conscious individuals choose from beautifully designed, thoughtfully tailored apparel for women. The products we have in our offer are following the latest trends in the world of fashion. Eco-friendly and sensitive fabrics and methods are used at every stage of the production of all the products found on our online store. Eco-awareness is one of the most useful trends that modern people are following because it is good not only for ourselves but also for the future generations.

This is something that we owe to our children and grandchildren.
At Age of Apparel, we believe that if all people work together, we can make our planet a much greener and more attractive place to live in. The simplest way to start this change is to be more careful about the things we are wearing. Feel free to contact us at any time in case you have questions about any of our products.